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All Hands Productions offers a variety of puppet shows perfect for schools, libraries and many other occasions.


All of our puppets are designed and handmade by David Stephens. Each character is meticulously crafted using a variety of materials.


Every puppet character starts with a sketch. Here are some rough drawings that were turned into soft sculpture puppets.

Seemore's Playhouse Sesame Street Emmet Otter the Musical


SeeMore's Playhouse was produced by Safety 4 Kids. David joined the cast in 2007 for the second season and took over performing Shades Wolf, the ever cool and ever musical member of the SeeMore's family.


David was invited to participate in a Sesame Street performer workshop in the summer of 2007. In 2008, David had the privilege of working on Season 39 of Sesame Street. Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times was produced and aired in 2009. David puppeteered an Anything Muppet likeness of veteran Muppet performer, Jerry Nelson.


This musical adaptation of a Henson classic debuted on the Goodspeed Opera House Stage in December of 2008. David Stephens portrayed puppet characters Yancy Woodchuck and Skippy Squirrel. Revamped for 2009, Stephens reprised his original roles and added to them the acting roles of Fred Lizard and Pa Otter. Stephens was also the Puppet Captain for the 2009 production.

  Other Fun Stuff  


Aside from creating orginal puppet shows and banjo pickin', David does other fun creative stuff like making plush animals and T-shirt designs for special occasions.

He also does a lot of doodling in his spare time.


Welcome to All Hands Productions!

Founded by David Stephens, All Hands Productions is dedicated to bringing quality puppet productions to children and their parents.

For over a decade, our puppets have been seen on stage and television.

Find out about All Hands Productions touring performances, perfect for schools and libraries.

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2003 Artist Fellowship recipient from the Alabama State Coucil on the Arts

2003 Telly winner for collaboration with Pensacola singer/songwriter Brian Meece on the music video Playground.

2005 Billy Goats Gruff and Other Stuff honored with an UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) Citation of Excellence

2007 Jim Henson Foundation Family Grant recipient

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