SeeMore's Playhouse was produced by Safety 4 Kids. David joined the cast in 2007 for the second season and took over performing Shades Wolf, the ever cool and ever musical member of the SeeMore's family. In some of these pictures, you'll notice David is wearing a green skull cap. All of the backgrounds for SeeMore's were computer generated and the puppets were shot against a green-screen. The green cap helped David keep his head out of camera shot. Many of David's fellow puppeteers on this production were Puppet Arts classmates at the University of Connecticut.

Photos by David Fino. All characters ©Safety 4 Kids.

Assisting Z with Lottie
Below frame
David Stephens and Shades Wolf, the Playhouse's resident cool dude.
David Stephens gives Mark Gale an arm-rod to the lip!
Director Tyler Bunch positions Harry Hippo and Shades in their sofa, with cramped puppeteers Eric Wright and David Stephens below.
Green Cap
Keepin' Cool with Shades
SeeMore's Cast
Under the table
Working with director Tim Lagasse
Working with director Tim Lagasse


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2003 Telly winner for collaboration with Pensacola singer/songwriter Brian Meece on the music video Playground.

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